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 [Tutorial] PSX Installation and PSx to PSP Convertion

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[Tutorial] PSX Installation and PSx to PSP Convertion Empty
PostSubject: [Tutorial] PSX Installation and PSx to PSP Convertion   [Tutorial] PSX Installation and PSx to PSP Convertion Icon_minitimeMon Sep 08, 2008 3:21 am

[Tutorial] PSX Installation and PSx to PSP Convertion PSXGuideTitle

Once again, I'm making a tutorial for those of you that have PM'd me.

DO NOT ASK FOR ISOs! The distribution of them is illegal.

Only use games that you own.

Ok, let's begin.

First, you will need to download Popstation or PSX2PSP. I'll add an
attachment. You will need BASE.PBP (This is the PBP rip of the PSX
BIOS. Google it! Do not ask me.)and you will need KEYS.BIN. After you get these two, put them in the Files folder for PSX2PSP.

After you download it, extract it to a folder. Go inside and run the
.EXE or .BAT file. You will get and error saying that you need

Go to Local Disc: (C) and search for it.

Put zlibwapi.dll in the same folder as PSX2PSP. After you run it, you
will have a choice to pick the converter type. They're both the same,
but I would pick theme mode to get a visual of what it will look like
in the XMB.

[Tutorial] PSX Installation and PSx to PSP Convertion Capture-5

Next you will need to get the disc ripper. Click here.
This will be a free trial. (You won't have all functions) Install it
which does take awhile so sorry. You will also have to reboot your

After installation, insert your PSX game in your CD drive. Click on
Image Making Wizard. A file will pop-up in the A 120% window. Your game
will be in there.

[Tutorial] PSX Installation and PSx to PSP Convertion 2-2

This is what the Wizard will look like. Your game will be in the box.

[Tutorial] PSX Installation and PSx to PSP Convertion Capture1

As shown in the spoiler, change the data type to Normal CD and press
next. Change the file type to ISO. Choose the output location, and let
it do its thing.

Once finished, go back to PSX2PSP. Click on Convert menu and choose
your ISO file just made. All of the info you need will automatically be
recognized by the converter.

[Tutorial] PSX Installation and PSx to PSP Convertion Capture22

If the game is apart of a disc set, it will say the disc number in the bottom, right corner.

Now let's make customize the EBOOT. Click the Customize PBP tab. To get some pretty good files for this, go here.

This site has all the files you need from ICON0 to the preview music.
Find your game and pick anything to your likings. Open them in the
corresponding location on PSX2PSP. The BOOT and Information Page is
optional. My PBP is in the spoiler.

[Tutorial] PSX Installation and PSx to PSP Convertion 11Capture

This what will be shown in the XMB. Once finished, go to the Options
menu. (Bottom left corner.) Your options should look like this.

[Tutorial] PSX Installation and PSx to PSP Convertion 1Capture

Now your ready to convert. Start the conversion under the Convert Menu.
The time it takes will vary with the file size. Once finished, copy the
resulting EBOOT to a folder. (or if it's already in one) Copy to the
GAME folder on your PSP. NOT GAME3xx. Change the ISO mode to Sony NP9660. Go to your GAME on the XMB and you should see your game.

[Tutorial] PSX Installation and PSx to PSP Convertion Snap011

Now, you can start the game, but it might be lagging or glitchy in some
ways. You will need the popsloader plugin. I have a complete one but i
will only give it to you in a PM or over MSN. It has all the right PRXs
needed for all Pops.

Done! Enjoy your classic PSX games now!

I will also be adding more things as they come.

Jazzer15 gave me permission to post this here. Credit goes to him for his tutorials on this subject.

Jazzer15's AT3 Tutorial.

This will help you for making the preview music for your game.

DOC Guide Writing

Originally Posted by Zacky

PSPDocMaker makes a file where u can view
gamefaqs or pics in ur PSP while playing PSX.

Ok! I will use a Chrono Cross FAQ and a
image as an example to explain on how to use it.

1) Copy the FAQ onto a notepad and save it watever name u like. (Here I
will save it as Chrono Cross FAQ) and a image if u wan add tat is (I
will name the image Chrono Cross Image)

2) Now open the PSPDocMakerGUI (I assume u extracted it already) and
then click on PSPDocMaker. This should appear upon clicking it.

[Tutorial] PSX Installation and PSx to PSP Convertion PSPDocMaker

3)Click on the Options at the top right of the window, ok now look at the below spoiler for information on features of the GUI.

[Tutorial] PSX Installation and PSx to PSP Convertion PSPDocMakerWithOptionsColoured
Shaded Area Feature Explanation:
Red(Compression) - Ranged 1-9, Recommend going for 9 as it reduce the
file as small as possible and find tat there is no difference in
viewing it on psp whether I set it at 1 or 9, so go for 9 [Tutorial] PSX Installation and PSx to PSP Convertion Biggrin

Orange(Text Options) - Here is where u adjust how big u wan ur
text(smallest is Size 8, tried 6 but no effect),changing of font and
the bg colour for ur text 2 be viewed in the psp

Blue(Height) - How long u wan 1 page viewed on ur psp be (248 fits to
the screen so no scrolling is needed, but pages will increase of course)

Black(Directory) - Well to make ur life slightly easier, this allow u
change the default folder where u will be when u click on add text
files,select files and create

Purple(Selection) - Add textfiles is where u add text files, select
files is where u add images and create is when u wan cre8 the file.

Green(Game Code) - U totally no need care about the game code, just let
it be as the creator stated the document is able to view in ANY game
codes(Well not sure if is any but i tested with FF7 and Chrono Cross,
no problems... So ignore and dun touch it.

4) Click on Add textfiles and add the FAQ tat u saved as .txt file and
the image which u wan add by clicking on the select files button. This
should appear after adding

[Tutorial] PSX Installation and PSx to PSP Convertion PSPDocMakerList

5) Now I will set the compression to 9, height 248, MS Sans Serif white
colour font and a black BG. After u finish setting the options u desire
click on the create button on the btm right of the window and this
should appear...

[Tutorial] PSX Installation and PSx to PSP Convertion PSPDocMakerPlzWait

6) After around 4-5 mins, u will be prompt to save it in somewhere in ur PC, save it in any where u like.

7) Plug in ur psp through usb and copy the DOCUMENT.dat which u made just now into
ms0:/PSP/GAME/(PSX Game folder which has the EBOOT). Then unplug ur psp.

Cool When u run ur PSX game in ur psp, press the home button, then scroll
down to software manual and click on it which is where ur FAQ is in.
Voila! This the pic and FAQ I put in as proof it works!

[Tutorial] PSX Installation and PSx to PSP Convertion ChronoCrossDoc

[Tutorial] PSX Installation and PSx to PSP Convertion ChronoCrossDoc1

Step 1 - U can add multiple .txt files and images, is does not need 2 be 1 of each only.
Step 5 - The options, set it watever u like, I just setting it how I desire it 2 look on my psp.
Step 6 - The duration of how long it is needed to create the file
depends mostly on how big the txt/image is and compression setting and
also DUN RENAME THE DOCUMENT.DAT! or it will not work in ur psp.
Step 8 - The words are all being slightly realigned to fit into the psp
screen, so is unwise to add texts which forms a pattern like a map or

!This tutorial is made for joomla12's PSX Installation Thread ONLY!
!He will decide whether 2 distribute it in other forums or not!

[Tutorial] PSX Installation and PSx to PSP Convertion ZipPSX 2
[Tutorial] PSX Installation and PSx to PSP Convertion RarPSPDocMakerGUI.v021.rar
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[Tutorial] PSX Installation and PSx to PSP Convertion
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