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 [Tutorial] Ultimate Pandora's Tool v4.3

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[Tutorial] Ultimate Pandora's Tool v4.3 Empty
PostSubject: [Tutorial] Ultimate Pandora's Tool v4.3   [Tutorial] Ultimate Pandora's Tool v4.3 Icon_minitimeMon Sep 08, 2008 2:54 am

[Tutorial] Ultimate Pandora's Tool v4.3 Playstationlogoqp2


UPMS development has now stopped, but will continue under the name of UPT and will
continue to be upgraded and supported by PSP4Noobz


1. Preferably an Original Pro Duo Memory Stick that has a least 512MB of free space.

2. A PSP running Custom Firmware and with no Themes installed, this includes PTF Themes.

3. A battery at least 75% full (ideally 100% full).

Important Notes

Note 1
If you already own a Pandora battery and memory stick without the
multi-boot function you must remove your battery and plug in the AC
cable, but the memory stick can remain inserted.

Note 2
If you are running a psp with custom firmware 3.80M33 and 3.90M33
installed you will have a slightly different install sequence. This
sequence will involve the copy and writing of files to your Flash 0.
Original files will be backup up to flash 1 before hand.

Note 3
The U.P.T. installer now has an application embedded that will enable
you to format a fake memory stick (you are still advised to use an
original pro duo stick).

Note 4
The U.P.T. installer now has an option embedded that will enable you to
remove an older Pandora/U.P.M.S setup from your stick without having
the need to reformat and remove the IPL settings.

Note 5
If your psp is a TA-082 and running firmware 3.80M33+ you will not be
able to use the reboot function from within Ultimate Loader.

Note 6
The UPTInstaller now has a built-in Random Serial Numberę generator for
you PSP's battery, this is very useful if you have lost your eeprom or
did not make a backup.

Note 7
UPT now disables the Battery Menu for the latest Slim & Lite models know as TA-085v2 & TA-088.

Note 8
A new Nand & IDStorage backup feature has been implemented into Ultimate Loader.

Note 9
If using any firmware version below 3.80M33 there is no need to install
Fatmsmod.prx, the installer will check the firmware version you are
using and display the appropriate splash screen.

Note 10
If using any firmware version below 4.01-2 M33 there is no need to
install Fatmsmod.prx, the installer will check the firmware version you
are using and display the appropriate splash screen.

Note 11
Before using UPTInstaller v4.3, you must remove any custom themes or
custom prx files that are flashed to flash0 & flash1, this includes
any PTF themes you have installed, failing to do this can have very
unwanted side effects when upgrading to 3.90 via Pandora. REMOVE ALL CUSTOM PTF THEMES FROM THE SYSTEM BEFORE INSTALLING.

Installation Of Ultimate Pandora's Tool

1. Switch on your psp.
2. Make sure your psp is set to run the Sony NP9660 umd iso driver if you are running 3.52cfw or above.
3. Scroll to the USB icon and connect to the computer.
4. Back up the entire contents of your memory stick to a safe folder on
your computer (just to keep anything you may require later e.g. music
5. Disable the psp from the computer.
6. Scroll to System Settings and press X, then scroll to Format Memory Stick and press X to format the stick.
7. After the memory stick has been formatted scroll back to the USB
icon and connect to the computer. If you are using a fake memory stick
follow the next steps if not go to number 13.
8. If you are using a fake memory stick copy in to the ISO folder the U.P.T. cso file (this is just drag and drop).
9. Disconnect from the computer.
10. Scroll to the Game icon in the XMB and then scroll to the Memory
Stick icon press X and then press X again to run the installer.
11. Once UPT have booted, you will have the option to Format Memory
Stick, do this or press X to enter the main menu, then scroll to the
option that says format & repartition memory stick and format your
stick. This will also create all the folders needed.
12. Scroll to the USB icon and connect to the computer.
13. Copy all the downloaded and renamed eboots on to the root of your
memory stick (this is just drag and drop). The root of the memory stick
is the very first level that you see when connected to the computer.
14. Open up the ISO folder and copy in to it the U.P.T. cso file (this is just drag and drop).
15. Disconnect from the computer.
16. Scroll to the Game icon in the XMB and then scroll to the Memory
Stick icon press X and then press X again to run the installer.
17. If you are running firmware 3.80M33+ follow the steps below if not just press X again.
18. If running 3.80M33+ the software will detect this and a different
screen will appear (this will enable you to run the IPL) it will flash
a file to Flash0.
19. Press [] (square button) and the installer will backup some files
to Flash0 and then flash some files to your memory stick, if not done
you will not be able to write the IPL.
20. Press X and then X again.
21. Press X again to start the installer.
22. The screen should tell you that the fatms371.prx is installed so press X.
23. Run step 1 choosing to load the desired IPL (the multi IPL is
advised as this will allow the battery to be used as a normal one, for
a slim you need to be running at least 3.90M33-2 firmware), when done
go to the next step.
24. If you already own a Pandora battery you can miss step2, if not run step2.
25. Run step 2 and your battery serial will automatically be backed up
to the memory stick if it is not already there (this will be needed to
convert your battery back if needed), and then convert your battery to
a Pandora and go back to main menu.
26. After making the Pandora battery plug in the AC cable and remove your battery.
27. Run step 3 to install the firmware that is required to make your
U.P.T. or if you wish you can run the full installer and miss step 4
(this may take awhile but be patient as long as the memory stick light
is flashing it is still working).
28. If you already own a Pandora/U.P.T. memory stick and only wish to
upgrade select the option Clean MS for fresh install by pressing X
29. Run step 3 to install the firmware that you will require.
30. Run step 4 to install all of the application that you might require
if in the previous step you choose to only load the U.P.T. without
31. Exit installer.

Installation of IPL on Extra Memory Sticks
If you wish to use additional memory sticks but leave your battery set up as a Pandora one so
that you can leave the one that contains the U.P.T. files on all you have to do is

1. Connect to your AC supply.
2. Insert the memory stick you wish to use.
3. Switch on you psp.
4. Format the memory stick from with in the XMB.
5. Go to the USB icon and connect to the computer.
6. Open up the ISO folder and place in there the U.P.T. cso file
7. Disconnect from the computer.
8. Go to the Game icon in the XMB and run the installer.
9. If you are going to use a fake memory stick use the format option from within the U.P.T. installer first.
10. Run step 1 choosing to load the multi ipl, this will then allow you
to use this memory stick as a normal one with your Pandora battery (you
do not need to install all of the files).


1. Upgrade a slim to 3.71-2 M33.
2. Upgrade a phat to 3.71-2 M33 w/1.50-2 kernel patch.
3. Upgrade a slim to 3.80-5 M33.
4. Upgrade a phat to 3.80-5 M33 w/1.50 kernel patch.
5. Upgrade a slim to 3.90-3 M33.
6. Upgrade a phat to 3.90-3 M33 w/1.50 kernel patch.
7. Downgrade a phat to 1.50.
8. Upgrade a phat straight to 3.52 M33 from Extended Boot Menu then
install update 4 via XMB with no need to downgrade to 1.50.
9. Start up a psp with Ultimate Loader with support for choosing which
Pandora you require V1, V3, V4 or V5 (by holding down the L trigger).
10. Boot to the XMB with the Pandora battery inserted.
11. Boot to a full 1.50 firmware from the memory stick (Phat Only).
12. Use PSPFiler and other tools (if it requires 1.50 slims can't as there is no 1.5 kernel).
13. Upgraded a phat or slim to 3.71-4 M33 from the XMB with the update.
14. Recover a software bricked psp (phat or slim).


The U.P.T. Team is glad that you have decided to download and use our
software but we are not to be held responsible for any damage that
might occur while using and creating your U.P.T. stick.


Developed by : MaGnaTeK
UPMS Concept By : OverfiendX
UPMS Co-Design By : LawThugg
UPT PC Installer : DARCjrt & TEAM DE
Tutorials By : Archie120
Video Tutorials By : MaGnaTeK & Archie120
Splash Screens By : eM82 & MaGnaTeK
Testing By : Archie120, Frazz, MrMuzz, & January39

Other Credits (Without These UPT Would Not Be Possible)
Dark_AleX, C+D, Cory149, jas0nuk, Hellcat, Nems, Minerva, Chilly Willy, psp2dev, Lan St & Everyone Supporting UPT

Also Everyone We May Not Have Mentioned

Visit Us @ PSP4Noobz

Applications Used With Ultimate Pandora's Tool v4.3

blackSPEEDv2.0-This app will help you figure out how fast you ms can
send and recieve data along with manufacturer information so you can
figure if your ms is fake or not.

just place blackSPEEDv2 folder in PSP/GAME
run app let it do its thing
to obtain more info on the root of your ms will be a txt file that will say the complete results of this test.

Download blackSPEED v2

FakeCardv1.5-This app is for your pc so if you have a fake ms just use this and it should make your fake more stable.

place folder anywhere on your computer and run the exe
follow the on screen steps and your set.

Download FakeCard v1.5

Included In This Pack

[Folder] EBOOTS
- [File] 150.PBP
- [File] 340.PBP
- [File] 360.PSAR
- [File] 371.PBP
- [File] 380.PBP
- [File] 390.PBP

[Folder] PC Installer
- [File] READ ME.TXT
- [File] UPTInstallerV4_PC_Setup.EXE

[Folder] PSP Installer
- [Folder] Memory Stick
-- [Folder] ISO
--- [File] UPTInstallerV4.3.CSO
-- [Folder] PSP
--- [Folder] GAME
---- [Folder] TIMEMACHINE
----- [File] EBOOT.PBP
----- [File] libpsardumper.prx
----- [File] pspdecrypt.prx

- Controls.IMG
- Read Me (karothacker).TXT
- Tutorial.TXT
- UPTTutorial.PDF
- UPTv4 Info.PDF


UPT Main Menu
[Tutorial] Ultimate Pandora's Tool v4.3 Ulmainmenumc3

UPT Tools Menu
[Tutorial] Ultimate Pandora's Tool v4.3 Ultoolsmenuln4

UPT Back-Up Menu
[Tutorial] Ultimate Pandora's Tool v4.3 Ulbackupexistsrn9


If You Would Like A Mirror Request One Through A PM! MediaFire Will NOT Work With A File Over 100MB!

[Tutorial] Ultimate Pandora's Tool v4.3 Logomegauploadsp4
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[Tutorial] Ultimate Pandora's Tool v4.3
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