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 Hard Modding PSP Battery

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Hard Modding PSP Battery Empty
PostSubject: Hard Modding PSP Battery   Hard Modding PSP Battery Icon_minitimeMon Sep 08, 2008 2:48 am

Hard Modding PSP Battery I15818_Hardmod
************************************************** ******************
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Hard Modding PSP Battery^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
************************************************** ******************
__________________________________________________ _______________

This for those who have absolutely no custom firmware at hand. This is
a tutorial, but Pandora section is incomplete without this. This
requires you to have a real steady arm and willingness to accept that
things may go wrong. REMEMBER THAT Li-ION BATTERIES ARE VERY EXPLOSIVE IF NOT HANDLED CAREFULLY. You may also render the battery useless.

NOTE: These methods apparently do not work or newer batteries, so get yourself some older batteries.
================================================== ===============

Making Switchable PSP-Slim Pandora battery {RECOMMENDED}

Following this, you will have a working and switchable Pandora-Battery
for your slim PSP.
Just use your switch now to choose the function of it!

modified from original comments

Originally Posted by JayL

Step one:
Open your slim battery. I have used a guitar pick to do it.
Just slide the pick or whatever you use along the join between the upper
and lower half of the battery while breaking it open carefully.

Step two:
You will see a small PCB.
Gently bend it back like in the picture below.
Be careful with that, as the battery is connected with the board
by two thin foils.

Hard Modding PSP Battery Step1

Step three:
Now you have to solder thin wires to the two small contacts
i have marked in the picture with red rectangles.
My wires are from a 80-conductor IDE cable. I don't think that
you can take much thicker wires because space is very rare.
Don't leave your soldering iron on the contacts too long,
as this will destroy the parts. At this step you also have to
solder a very thin on/off switch to the other end of the
wires (blue rectangle). I got mine from a broken usb memory stick, at which it.

Hard Modding PSP Battery Step2-1

Step four:

You have to cut away some plastic from the lower side of
the battery to route the wires and to make a hole for the swich.
I marked the spots where i cut it away red
in the blue box.

Hard Modding PSP Battery Step3

Step five:

Now gently bend the PCB back to it's normal place and
route the cables and the switch to their final location.

Hard Modding PSP Battery Step4

Step six:

Now fix the switch to stay in it's place with some superglue or duct tape.
I would recommend duct tape first, to correct something, if you did
something wrong. The switch mustn't overhang, cause else
the battery will not fit in your psp anymore.
Hard Modding PSP Battery Step5

Step seven and eight:

Also cut away some plastic at the upper half of the battery
at the same position where you cut it away on the lower half, so
that you can reach the switch inside. You can see in the pic
how much you have to cut away approximately.

After that put the halves back together again and fix them with
some superglue or duct tape.

Hard Modding PSP Battery Step6

This guide and tute has been
written based on a PSP Slim PSP-s110 battery. For phat psp users, this
is the connection that must be made.

Hard Modding PSP Battery Phat


__________________________________________________ __________________

A Poor Man's Battery
The following ďpoor manísĒ hardware guide to creating a Pandora Battery
is aimed towards the non-handy man type. With that said you may
potentially render your battery completely useless or cause another
unforeseen disaster. Proceed with caution: (Thanks to James L for the

Unfortunately, I didnít have the essential tools, and the soldering
iron didnít seem to want to work (possibly because it had solder on
it). So I found a small way around using the ďessential toolsĒ. All you
need is something thatís small enough to fit under the pin, a cutting
utensil, and optionally, tape. Non-conductive tape, so NO DUCT TAPE!

Just pry open the battery by pinching the edges (with your teeth or something to that effect).

Once inside, this is optional, but I recommend it. Cut one of the
batteries terminals, preferably, the one with a solid connection cable.
One is solid, one is a flexible metal. Cutting the flexible one is
fine, but it cause the battery to short, a problem Iím currently
facing, every once in awhile, causing restarts. Iím guessing itís
because of the flexible material moving around inside the battery when
the PSP is moved. Make sure to bend the metal GENTLY so that they
cannot touch while you proceed.

Then, using your pry tool, make sure to get it just under the
right pin, as seen in the diagrams. Preferably, get something that can
wedge diagonally in the pin, then twist it.

Tape the battery terminal back together if you cut it, once youíve safely removed the pin.

Put the battery back together. Donít worry, it wonít snap
together, thus, more tape! Wrap tape, and yes, you CAN you duct tape
here, around the battery to hold it together. Scotch tape is
recommended, because itís not bulky, so it doesnít prevent the battery
from going in smoothly.

And thatís all there is to it. I was going to attempt to make a
switchable service battery (even though this is possible VIA software,
but it would have been cool to have), but the pin broke COMPLETELY off.
Oh well.

PSP Slim
Psp Phat
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Hard Modding PSP Battery
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